About the conference

Marketing Made Human

The CoreConnect Conference was created to address the confusion and overwhelm that people feel when dealing with marketing in the digital age. We know how that feels firsthand, because we had to deal with this reality ourselves. The content of the conference is therefore truthful, comprehensive, and practical.

In today’s world, there is so much focus on digital outputs. It is therefore crucial to bring everything back on a human level first and then leverage through digital platforms and technology, and not the other way around. Technology and digital cannot solve all your problems. As the visionary Keith Reinhard says so eloquently:


What Does it mean to focus on the human element first?

It all starts with you--as an individual human being. By understanding oneself more truthfully and deeply, we can understand other human beings more genuinely. Through authentic leadership, one can set the right course for the vision that can attain greater business success.

Then, to develop a stellar product, service, strategy, etc, you need an amazing team to bring forth the most innovative ideas. Innovative ideas are critical to differentiate yourself in a saturated market. In order to do so, your team needs an open, safe, and nurturing working environment to help sprout the most creative ideas.

Finally you want to share your offering with the world--with other human beings. It is essential to communicate your offering in a way that resonates on a human level. This can be done through storytelling, by giving your audience content that is meaningful to them, and through creative messages that spark the imagination and emotions.

In summary, we believe that in order to create impact in the digital age, you need to first focus on human principles, that first starts with yourself, your team, and then the market. Technology is a tool that is only valuable if it truly delights people and advances the human condition. 

View Press Release on the CoreConnect Conference published on April 16, 2018 here.

You are a human being. Your team is made up of human beings. You are creating an offering for other human beings.

About the Founders

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Touseef Mirza

CoFounder, CoreConnect Conference and Adjunct Professor, NYU

Touseef is the CoFounder of the CoreConnect Conference and is an Adjunct Professor at NYU’s Integrated Digital Media Program in the School of Engineering teaching personal branding. She is also a Brand and Marketing Strategy Consultant and is the Former CMO of the Advertising Research Foundation. Touseef is a firm advocate that a strong brand identity coupled with content communicated in a clear and compelling way is the path to connecting effectively with audiences--leading to marketing success in the digital age. Her science background coupled with over 15 years experience in marketing and communications--public health, to copywriting, to digital strategist, to brand consultant--has made her an avid analytical thinker and big picture visionary who brings ideas to life. She lives in her beautiful crazy New York city.

Twitter: @tmirza

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Brooke Vines

CoFounder, CoreConnect Conference and Vines⁄Brookshire

Brooke is the CoFounder of the CoreConnect Conference and recently cofounder of Vines⁄Brookshire, a creative digital consultancy that helps clients drive growth by becoming more customer-centric, communicating authentically, and optimizing internal marketing teams. Brooke is an entrepreneur and problem solver whose true super-power is being a people connector. In 2004 she founded Vines Media, the largest independently owned media buying agency in Arkansas with clients in various industries across the US. The CoreConnect conference evolved from her curiosity to marry advertising and branding with technology in a human way in order to find the most effective solutions for her clients.

Twitter: @brookevines