Brooke Vines, Vines Media; Touseef Mirza, The Advertising Research Foundation

Once upon a time, there was digital confusion

The founders of the conference share their journey and reveal how impact is leveraged in the digital age.

Patrick Hanlon, Author & CEO of Thinktopia

Connect with your audience in the digital world

Thriving in the age of digital transformation: the time is now, from the ground up.

Janneke van Geuns, Head of Insights & Analytics, Google

The truth about data insights

Key, essential, and latest insights you need to know for your brand’s success.

Regine Gilbert, Professor, General Assembly

Value of UX: Communication and connection

Exploring what is user experience and why it is important for you and your customers.

Maria Rapetskaya, Creative Director, Undefined Creative

The entrepreneurial mindset: Thrive your own way

The importance of forging real relationships and redefining growth.

Dr. Michael Kleine, Author and Retired Professor, University of Arkansas of Little Rock & Dr. Carol Thompson, Professor, University of Arkansas of Little Rock

Conflict for growth, really?

When all else fails, there is still hope and purpose in resolving issues with your work colleagues.

Michael Collins, Coach, BeStoryDriven

Building innovative, productive teams: See how it happens

Scenarios of team dynamics are enacted to exemplify how to build remarkable teams to excel in today’s market.

Thank you to all of our speakers, attendees, staff and sponsors for a successful 2017 event!